Saturday, 18 January 2014

Stained glass hanging shields

Stained glass shields
Designed and made by Madeleine as a range of attractive, simple 'apprentice pieces' you can view more of these here.

There are further examples of her work on this blog here and here.

New stained glass door panels West Norwood SE25

stained glass door panels West Norwood
W Norwood stained glass
Although not a particularly complicated pattern we were happy to spend quite a bit of time with the clients finalising the details, and deciding on the glass to be used.  Their new door was a little unconventional in design, and the fitting presented some small challenges!  Our clients were very taken with a detail in one of our restoration projects and we copied the style of the small centre circle, using red flashed glass, sandblasted to remove small areas of colour, and then traditionally painted with the rose design.

Fitted December 2013

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Catford, London, SE6 restored stained glass

restored stained glass, Catford
Stained glass Catford
One of these 2 main panels has become unstable with age, and various attempts had been made to address this, but it had reached the end of its life, and we took it apart, rebuilding with new lead, replacing broken pieces.

Fitted December 2013


Burglary damaged stained glass replacement, Balham, London, SW12

stained glass replacement, Balham, London, SW12
Stained glass, Balham
An all too frequent example of a burglar smashing the leaded glass to get to the lock, on the off-chance that the door wasn’t double locked or dead latched.  In this case the panel was so comprehensively damaged, with several lost pieces, this coupled with its unusual shape led us to make a copy, rather than try to salvage the original.  Our client commented: ‘I just wanted to email and say how thrilled we were with the new window you fitted yesterday.  The result is fantastic and looks very much like the original – we really appreciated the attention to detail that you gave it.’

Fitted December 2013


New stained glass door set Sydenham, London, SE26

New stained glass door set Sydenham, London, SE26
Sydenham stained glass
We copied the original pattern from the neighbour’s door to produce this set of 4 leaded glass panels, the originals having been replaced with plain textured glass at some point.  We did however make some small changes to the original design with the agreement of the client, that we all felt enhanced the

Fitted November 2013

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Semi-circular leaded glass fanlight with number

Stockwell stained glass
Stockwell stained glass number fanlight
An example of a number in a leaded glass panel using the traditional ‘pub window lettering approach’ with the numerals being made from individual pieces of white flashed opal glass.  Our client commented: ‘Thank you again for my lovely window. I am very pleased.’

Fitted October 2013, Stockwell, London, SW9