Sunday, 13 November 2011

Croydon new and restored stained glass

One of the 2 main door panels had suffered a number of broken pieces - both were removed and restored and re cemented and polished.  The number panel is new, based on the design of the other glass.  This series of photos illustrates just now different the glass looks depending on the side its viewed from, and the available light.  Fitted October 2011

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Obscured leaded glass door panel, Streatham

We and our client worked hard to get to this design, to compliment the monochrome house frontage and the local ‘look’, and to provide minimum transparency in the glass, at the same time providing visual interest.

The glasses used were 'Crystal Ice' from Spectrum - in the hexagons, a 'small Flemish' - in the 4 main squares and the centre, and Corella for the border.

8mm wide lead is used throughout.

Fitted in November 2011

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Stained glass restoration

This panel was part of a number of package of glass work in a major refurbishment project.  There was some cracked glass in the panel, and it has become quite loose, as the cement securing the glass in the lead had deteriorated with age.  It was removed, disassembled and rebuilt with new lead, replacing the broken glass.  At the same time it was decided to insert a traditionally executed glass number in the centre.  The panel is secured to a central vertical rod for extra stability.

Fitted in October 2011


Stained glass house number

This number panel was commissioned as a wedding gift and the detail of the pattern based on a glass lampshade already in the house.  The numerals are in a white flashed opal glass, a very pale green glass being used in this area to add interest.

Fitted in October 2011  


Stained glass restoration, Lewisham

This pair of panels (better photos to come) in a window on the stairs was in poor condition, and had been partially renovated a few times in the past (the various kinds of uncoloured glass that have been used over the years are visible, as are some of the ‘strap’ repairs – it was decided to re-use the broken pieces under these, rather than cut new glass, to keep the panel as original as possible..  Our clients were having all their windows replaced by factory made timber windows and were anxious to retain these leaded panels.  We removed them, disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt with new lead, to a size agreed with the window company, who installed them.

Supplied in October 2011

New stained glass door panels, Beckenham

This pair of leaded glass door panels are based on other glass in the property, adjusting the colours to maximise the light.  They have support bars installed into the frame on the inside to which the panels are secured for extra stability.

We also supplied and fitted the sandblasted panel over the door with the number.  Laminated glass was used for extra strength.

Our clients comment was ‘Many thanks…looks fantastic!’
Fitted in September 2011  

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Stained glass door restoration, Tooting

The 2 main panels in this door – not the original design, but matching the neighbours were removed and the damage restored.  The 3 original top panels were also removed – one had to be rebuild with new lead and the others were cleaned and re-cemented

Fitted in September 2011

Coloured glass door restoration, Streatham

Our clients were decorating the whole of the front of their house, and when it came to the door set there was a lot to do!

The diamond leaded side panel was very loose, and need to be removed and re-leaded.

The centrepiece in the door had been lost and replaced with an ugly substitute, not reflecting the original at all.  We used the original design from surrounding doors as the basis for a slightly simpler design, made in Muranese pattern glass, similar to that in the 12 smaller panels.

The lead in these smaller panels had all been painted gold, 2 were damaged to the extent they need to be rebuilt, and all the others removed, the gold paint stripped off, and the panels re-cemented and polished.

Fitted in September 2011

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Leaded door panel, Dulwich

The centre panel of the door had been lost and replaced with textured glass.
We made and fitted a new centrepiece to the same pattern as the original,
copied from the neighbouring house, using uncoloured English Muffle glass.
We tried to ensure the texture and colour in the new piece were sympathetic to the rest of the glass in the door.

Fitted in September 2011

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Stained Glass, Barnes

Our client’s apartment in a converted warehouse complex already had a number of leaded panels filling the semi-circles at the top of the tall windows.  Recent remodelling meant that 3 new ones were required, to provide privacy in a newly formed bedroom, and to complete the set in the kitchen.  We prepared one identical to the existing, and a pair of variant designs for the bedroom.  The panels were usual in that they used thick lenses (the green circles) and 'gluechip' glass.

Fitted in August 2011