Thursday, 30 May 2013

Stained glass repairs and restoration – Norwood, SE25

All of these 3 panels were quite badly deteriorated – broken pieces and sagging.  We had sufficient old glass to fairly closely match almost all of the broken pieces - As you can see the side panel were fitted behind laminated glass, and the centre circle supported by 2 vertical rods, set into the frame and tied to the panel with wires.

Fitted May 2013
stained glass Norwood SE25

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Stained glass restoration and security- Morden, SM4

stained glass morden

This panel was damaged, despite being fitted behind a pane of (non-security) glass – which was very grimy on both sides.  It was all removed, the leaded panel rebuilt replacing the broken pieces – and where we were not happy with the colour matching we replaced both the broken piece and its opposite unbroken piece.  The panel was fitted behind new laminated glass. 

Our client was kind enough to say: Just a quick email to say thank you for the restoration of our front door window. You said I'd never look at as much as I did on the day it was first installed but we stop and look at it whenever we're in the hallway. It was a talking point at a party when some friends had similar work done by someone else and their's didn't look half as good.

Fitted May 2013

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Stained glass door panel repairs – Streatham, SW16

This quite intensively leaded, and therefore heavy, square panel has suffered various repairs in the past, was quite loose as well as having some broken pieces.  Several of the pieces replaced in the past weren’t particularly well cut. We rebuilt it with new lead, and fitted behind laminated glass for both security and durability – in this case there was sufficient depth to fit this without the need to deepen the openings. 

Fitted April 2013

This shot and the one below are
both taken from the outside

Its shows how differently the outer
panels of glass can look depending
on the light and the viewing angle

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Stained glass restoration and security – Ladywell, Lewisham, SE13

stained glass lewisham SE13
These 2 panels, probably replacements for the originals, had begun to deteriorate and bow outwards.  We rebuilt them with new lead, replacing the broken pieces from the border.  For extra security and durability they were fitted behind laminated (rather than toughened) safety glass.  We had to machine the rebates in the door deeper; as there was insufficient depth to accommodate the extra thickness of the security glass.

Fitted April 2013


Stained glass house number – Greenwich, SE10

stained glass house number Greenwich SE10This striking panel replaced plain glass, and we worked closely with our client to get both the pattern and the glass colours they liked.  The cranberry colour is quite unusual (and quite costly!).  The number is specially produced from flashed opal glass, sandblasted and filled on the reverse with permanent resin.

stained glass house number Greenwich SE10Fitted April 2013

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Leaded door panel repairs and restoration - Sydenham, SE26

stained glass repair Sydenham SE26
This quite large leaded door panel had begun to bow, and had some broken pieces.  It was rebuilt with new lead, with integral reinforcing strips.

Fitted March 2013