Sunday, 8 April 2012

Stained glass removal prior to demolition, Camberwell

stained glass London St Michael
This panel, around 1.2m (4ft) square was part of a school chapel that was being demolished.  We were commissioned by the demolition contractor to remove it for safe keeping, with a view to re-installation in the new building.  The panel was removed with no breakages.

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Removed March 2012


Stained glass door panels, Brixton

stained glass Brixton

One of the 2 larger panels had been destroyed and substituted with a pane of plain ‘wirecast’ glass.  The other was beginning to disintegrate and was very dirty, fitted behind a sheet of plain ordinary glass, that wasn’t well sealed into the opening. 
All the glass was removed and new laminated safety glass sealed into the openings.  The intact leaded panel was taken apart and cleaned, and used as a pattern to cut the glass for a new matching panel.  The 2 panels were put together with new lead and set behind the laminated glass, retained with new beading and a support bar.
This is a good example of how laminated glass outer panel can appear in bright light.   
leaded light BrixtonFitted March 2012

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Restored stained glass, Bromley

stained glass restoration Bromley
This pair of leaded front door panel in Bromley had been restored in the past, but had begun to loosen and bow somewhat.  We removed them both and fitted laminated safety glass into the openings.  The panels were taken apart, various broken pieces replaced, then rebuilt with new lead, cemented and fitted behind the laminated glass, supported with horizontal steel saddle bars.

Fitted February 2012

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Stained glass fanlights, Herne Hill

stained glass Herne Hill SE24
These 2 simple panels above bedroom doors in an apartment in Herne Hill replaced plainer glass.  The pattern and sizes are identical, but the colour ways are obviously different.  For more shots of these 2, in different lights check out our Facebook page.

Fitted February 2012

leaded light Herne Hill SE24

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Rebuilt leaded light door panels, Mile End

stained glass East End

The uncoloured glass in this simple door panel is ‘glue chip’, and it had become quite significantly damaged.  It was removed for rebuilding, to match its twin in the door.

Fitted February 2012

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New stained glass door panel, Streatham

stained glass StreathamThis was a new panel, based on a design identified by the client, to replace plain glass in the main door. It is supported by 2 horizontal saddle bars, and the uncoloured glass is English Muffle. One of the side panels that had become damaged was rebuilt at the same time.
Fitted February 2012

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