Sunday, 26 September 2010

Replacement stained glass panel

One of our regular property maintenance clients had removed the original of this panel, which had suffered damage such that it really wasn't worth attempting a repair or rebuild, particularly since the panel itself was not original, and the decision was taken to start again, with a new pattern closely based on the original.
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Door panel in leaded glass

Our client wanted to restore the original look of this door - which had been glazed with a single panel of textured glass - but reflecting their liking for minimalism. Produced using mainly 10mm wide flat lead, and Corella glass for the bulk of the pattern. Fitted in September 2010.
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Dulwich Village stained glass door panles

A quite simple but effective set of panels, with a pale green border, to meet our client's requirement to have the house number in the door (as do other houses in the street) but without too much complexity. Clear pieces in Corella glass. Execution of the numerals in white glass provides for maximum legibility.  Fitted in September 2010.
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