Sunday, 17 October 2010

Stained glass restoration, Norwood

The bottom section of this large landing window had become damaged - someone tripped on the stairs and fell into it - the window collapsed outwards under the impact, and although it suffered badly there was no serious damage to the person.

Rather than remove the whole large panel of leaded glass, we were able to just cut out the damaged section, rebuild it in the workshop, and install  - some of the glass has been out of production for years, but we were able to match it from material salvaged from other glass restoration projects.

Restored leaded lights Herne Hill

These 2 sets of leaded panels were very deteriorated with age - the cement that holds the glass into the lead having broken down, causing the glass to become loose and the panels floppy, as well as there being a number of fractured joints.  The 12 leaded panels were completely taken apart, the glass cleaned, and a number of non-matching pieces from previous repairs replaced with glass closer to the original.  They were then remade with new lead, for the client's contractor to fit.  Supplied in October 2010


Saturday, 2 October 2010

Stained glass Clapham (Old Town), SW4

stained glass ClaphamInstalled at the end of September 2010, these are 2 new door panels to replace 1970s textured solid glass panels, and a rebuilt top panel, which had been subject to prior restoration, but was becoming unstable. The pattern was copied from the neighbouring houses - we did suggest some design changes, but in the end the view was taken to be consistent with the rest of the street. Each of the 3 panels is supported by 2 steel retaining bars, and the panels held to these with copper tie-wires, soldered to the lead. This is important in providing stability to the panels, promoting greater durability.
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