Sunday, 5 June 2011

Leaded light repair and restoration, Brockley, SE4

Stained glass repair, Brockley
The 2 main panels had become loose with age, and some of the uncoloured glass damaged.  Although, in common with many patterns, the glass was no longer made we had a very close match from salvaged glass.  They were disassembled, the glass washed, remade and fitted, secured to new steel support bars.
Fitted May 2011

Leaded light repair and restoration, Norbury, SW16

Removed, boarded over, rebuilt and fitted after damage.  We were able to match some of the existing glass (small Flemish) from currently made stock, and other from salvaged glass.  Somewhat unusual in that it uses wider lead than usual in the main parts of the design, a feature repeated in other glass in the building.
Fitted May 2011


Deco Style London Southbank stained glass

Made by Madeleine and inspired by buildings on Londons’s Southbank, in white flashed opal glass, aquamarine Corella  and Wissmach’s Red Moss, with some random (maybe Wissmach) royal blue.  

For Sale, c.500x700mm. 

April 2011

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Stained glass number panel, Wallington, SM6

Uses the really striking aquamarine Corella glass, Red Moss and white flashed opal – same basic palette as the Deco Style London Southbank design.  The uncoloured glass is in a reproduction of the traditional small Flemish pattern glass.  Numerals in an Arial derivative.
Fitted April 2011

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Scottish stained glass design, Ladywell, SE13

Thistle design with complementary number panel, main panels fitted behind laminated safety glass (not shown in these photos).  Uses 4 restrained pastel colours for the main areas as well as lavender English muffle glass for the border of the number panel, with the numerals in white flashed opal glass. 

Fitted April 2011

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Stained glass repair, Clapham, SW4

This panel has become damaged, and we partially remade the damaged lower section. As is sometimes the case, it seemed unlikely that this was the original glass for the door.

Fitted April 2011
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