Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Stained and painted glass repairs, Dulwich

The traditionally painted glass centre piece of a panel set to the side of the door had become damaged – our client diligently collected all the shards, which meant the painter was able to execute a close copy of the painted and stained glass pattern.  The painted piece was then inserted into the rest of the panel and re installed, in July 2011.

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Leaded light repairs, Hither Green, SE13

The glass in one of these panels was very loose in the lead and the others had various cracked pieces.  All 4 were removed and the opening boarded over, the loose panel disassembled and remade with new lead, and new pieces of glass inserted to replace the broken glass in the others.  They were then all re-cemented and polished and fitted with all new beading, with steel support bars n the main panels, which had been omitted from the previous installation.  In addition the old and not very attractive leaded ‘lancet’ panels at the sides were replaced with laminated white diffuser glass.

Fitted July 2011

Stained glass restoration and repair, Crystal Palace, SE19

Three out of the 4 lower leaded light panels in this set had cracked or missing pieces, and they were generally in rather shaky condition.  The clients had decided for security reasons they wanted safety glass fitted to the outside.  We measured, and returned and fitted the necessary 6.4mm thick laminated safety glass, having removed the 4 leaded panels to the workshop for repairs.  As well as replacing the damaged pieces the panels were re-cemented and polished, then fitted with steel retaining bars, behind the laminated glass.

Fitted July 2011

Stained Glass Dulwich, SE21

Our client in West Dulwich wanted a new stained glass panel for the fanlight above the front door, to be in keeping with the glass in the 2 main door panels. We visited to measure and photograph the exiting, noting the glass used previously. The brief included the possibility of simplifying the pattern somewhat in the interests of economy. We matched a number of the types of glass with the original since the panels were relatively new and the glass still in production. We were pleased to hear that ‘the door looks great now!’

Fitted July 2011.

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