Saturday, 28 November 2009

Dulwich Village stained glass, December 2009

Great colours! This panel was fitted in an inner hall door - its quite large - around 750mm square - and had originally been made with particularly heavy lead - and installed with no supporting stucture of any kind. It had begun to collapse in the centre, and a couple of pieces of glass were lost. There were also some rather unsympathetic pieces of glass in the pattern, maybe from previous repairs. We removed the panel, stripped it down, cleaned the glass, cut new to replace the lost pieces and those the client decided to change. We reassembled with a lighter lead to reduce the weight, and fitted behind a panel of laminated safety glass for support with a retaining bar on the other side.
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Rebuilt leaded panels - Croydon and Sydenham

Both these panels are one of a pair, the first one from Croydon and the second from Sydenham. They were also both set in the door nearest the opening edge, the lock side - which is always more subject to wear and tear - and whilst their twins remained in fair condition these 2 had suffered, necessitating removal, boarding over the opening, disassembly of the panels and remaking with all new lead, replacing the broken glass with the best match we had.
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Art Deco style leaded glass

This uncoloured panel was produced from a clients idea, for him to install in a building under restoration. Its made up from 2 kinds of clear glass - Corella (main cental pieces and small edge pieces) and English Muffle (main border and central strip), using white flashed opal glass for the 3 triangular pieces. Overall size is around 610x570mm.
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Balham Door Set November 2009

RK Joinery in Balham with whom we work from time to time were asked by a local client to make 2 original pattern doors for adjacent maisonettes. Peter at RK then asked us to design and produce the 2 sets of leaded panels - 26 pieces in all, which he then fitted, behind panels of laminated glass for additional security. We hope to provide a picture of the doors with the glass shortly.
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