Sunday, 20 June 2010

Restored stained glass - Balham

This pair of panels, which had been partly restored in the past, had suffered bowing and a few broken pieces - mainly because they were inadequately retained in the door. Previous work had replaced one of the painted birds (presumably broken) with a plain disc of glass We were asked to restore the panels, and make them more secure. A new bird was provided and the panels partly disassembled and then re-leaded. They were refitted in June 2010 behind panels of laminated safety glass.

Installation of leaded panels behind laminated safety glass affords much greater security, since it is almost impossible to penetrate.  It also provides protection to the leaded panel, particularly for busy households. If installed on the outside – providing maximum deterrent factor, the outer sheet of glass means that the external appearance particularly in daylight is different to an unprotected panel due to reflections.The appearance from the inside is unaffected.  Some clients decide that they prefer the unprotected option, whist others are happy to accept the look, given the security provided; the unchanged appearance from the inside, and that at night the internal lighting, usually from the hall, tends to overcome the reflections, which are quite visible in this shot.
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